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Three Reasons to Consider Digital Signage

on Apr 28, 2017 in Blog, Digital Signage

Whether you have an older slide-the-letters in sign, a bulletin board full of memos, or no sign at all, your business may be missing opportunities that digital signage can provide. Is a digital sign worth the investment? The simple answer is ‘absolutely’. The longer answer includes hundreds of reasons, but for brevity’s sake, we’ve boiled them down to the top three:


Getting your messages to the public, your employees or your existing customers is essential in day-to-day operations. But, chances are, the messages you’re sending aren’t reaching your intended audiences. This is because the methods that we choose are often not a good match for the way people prefer to receive them. Our brains are wired for visual data, especially if that information is in motion. In fact, the recall rate from digital signage, which uses a combination of text, images and motion, is 83%, much higher than other traditional forms of communication. Digital signage allows our audiences to focus in a way that their brains appreciate.


We don’t like thinking about emergencies, but preparing for them is critical. In times of emergency, or even urgency, you want to broadcast your messages to as many people as possible in the shortest amount of time. Digital signage allows you to quickly update messages on all your signs quickly and simultaneously so anyone in and near your sites can quickly understand what is happening and what their next steps should be. These updates can be made from anywhere there is an Internet connection, which is crucial in emergency planning.


As mentioned, digital signage is more effective for getting your message across to your audiences. Because of this, you are able to convey information that is often missed in email, memos or bulletin board signs. The time it takes to update a digital sign is seconds, saving employees who need to communicate precious time. (And, if you’re communicating to multiple sites, the time savings is amplified.) Digital signage allows important information such as meetings, performance, safety stats and tips, and other vital information to be communicated across your organization in real time. As a bonus, digital signage is energy efficient and helps the environment by saving paper!

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