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Why Your Business Should Upgrade to IP Security Camera Systems

on Jul 28, 2017 in Blog, Security Systems

If an incident occurred on your business’s property, would you have a video recording? If you could retrieve the video, is the quality good enough that you would be able to identify the individuals in the video or clearly make out what happened in the incident? If you’re like some businesses, you use cameras as a deterrent but haven’t updated your business security camera system in years. This leaves you exceptionally susceptible if an incident were to occur. Moreover, you may not realize it, but you’re losing time and money.

The good news is that IP business security camera systems are affordable. They have shown a lower total cost of ownership, a higher return on investment and a greater value due to expended usage opportunities than older, analog systems. Here’s just five reasons why you should consider adding or upgrading to an IP business security camera system:

  1. Decreased costs

With analog systems, each camera needs to be individually connected with a coaxial cable and an electrical plug. This drives the cost up and causes many businesses to skimp on using the appropriate number of cameras for their business size. Further costs may be incurred due to the use of DVRs. While this is enhanced technology over traditional tapes, it still adds to the cost.

In contrast, IP video surveillance uses the already installed network connection to connect not just one but multiple cameras. Not only does this eliminate the cost of cable and an electrical outlet where the camera is mounted, it also enables an uninterrupted source of power to be used. Cameras can be easily moved to another network jack without the installation costs. Finally, the scalability is endless – instead of having the mandatory 16-channel jumps with DVR, you can scale from one to thousands in increments of one.

  1. IP Networking Saves by Using Your Existing Services

Your network/IT provider can manage the cameras just like any other device because they have an IP address and are managed via software. Your existing servers, switches and cabling can be used. You do not need an onsite control room allowing multiple locations to be managed from one central control room saving you physical space and potentially human resources. You can check the feed from any Internet connection using authorized access only software.

  1. Open Platform Components Allow Multiple Manufacturers

IP networking avoids the “sunset” technology of analog where your device is only able to connect to limited devices and systems. While this pricing strategy for the proprietary CCTV provider works for them – locking you into that company as a single source – it doesn’t work for businesses that want to choose from a variety of cameras and interoperable components from a variety of manufacturers. You can choose hardware, software and other components from one or multiple providers without worrying about compatibility. The security equipment can “talk to” other equipment like lighting, gates and doors. Alarms can trigger the camera to automatically send images direct to a mobile phone or device. Cameras can be set to lock doors, turn lights on or other actions if an alarm is triggered or after some other cue of your choice. You can synchronize data from ATMs, emergency response plans and point of sale systems to search for specific data and view corresponding images.

  1. Greater Flexibility

With increased storage, monitoring and access capability, you can utilize your video surveillance system for more than just capturing incidents. The added flexibility of the IP system would allow your marketing department to use it to survey behavior at new point of sale displays, management could review performance to find ways to increase productivity, and real-time streams could provide up-to-date information on traffic patterns allowing enhanced delivery times.

  1. Better Quality

One of the best features of IP video surveillance is the enhanced resolution and faster remote retrieval. This makes finding a piece of footage more efficient and identification of what is happening on the video more accurate.  One of the other benefits of enhanced quality is the ability for camera intelligence. The cameras can act (sending an alert, locking doors, recording) when it detects motion, a human’s presence, an object being removed, tampering with the camera or identifying an individual from an ID badge.

Ready for an IP Surveillance System for Your Business?

If you are ready to explore a business security system or you’re ready to upgrade your old, outdated system, let us know. We can perform a security audit and help you choose the best system for your business. Contact us today!