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December 2017 Newsletter

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In this issue…

• Letter from the President
• Protecting Your Business With Access Control
• Why Upgrade Your Business Telephone Systems and Solutions
• Five Reasons Business Crave Video Conferencing
• Employee Highlight of the Month
• Holiday Hours

Letter from the President

Welcome to the Teceri Takeover Edition of our monthly newsletter! As you already know, the Reabah family added Teceri in 2014 augmenting the business communication and technology services and solutions we offer. Since then, we have continued to grow and today have dedicated staff,vehicles and a variety of services ready to meet your business’s needs.

This month’s newsletter highlights the services Teceri offers and provides you with information that you will find useful. I have provided you a quick overview of Teceri below, but I encourage you to read the rest of the newsletter and visit our website at for more information.

Why Teceri

Teceri integrates with and leverages the networking expertise of Networking Technologies. This provides your business with customized solutions and unified systems that integrate seamlessly.

Teceri provides several services in the latest in communication technology – whether it’s knowing about who is entering or exiting your buildings or communicating with your employees through video, email, phone or signage, we have solutions to make your business more effective and efficient. Click on each of the services below to read more about each of the services:

• Digital Signage
• Network Cabling
• Security and Access Control
• Telephone Systems and Unified Communication
• Video Conferencing

Learn More
Dan Parra is the Teceri account manager. His sole focus is assisting you in identifying communication technology needs within your business and working with the Teceri team to design a solution that works for you. [You can learn more about Dan in the employee feature this month.] Contact Dan or your current Networking Technologies sales representative for more information about any of Teceri’s services or to learn more.

Happy Holidays!
I hope you have a wonderful holiday season! Please check out our holiday hours here.

Happy Holidays From all of us at Networking Technologies and Teceri,

James Bahm
President, Networking Technologies

Protecting Your Business With Access Control

By Stephanie Hensler

As your business starts to grow and evolve, there is an increased need to improve security and control who can access your property. Navigating the door entry systems market can be difficult with so many options, ranging from key cards to fingerprint ID through to turnstiles and facial recognition technology. They all come at very different costs. That’s why it is important that early investments in site security are open – not proprietary – so you can add new hardware and software as your business needs change, without being tied to the technology of any one vendor.

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Why Upgrade Your Business Telephone Systems and Solutions

Customer Experience

It’s time to transform the way business is conducted by creating a seamless experience for your customers and employees. Regardless of locations, devices, or applications, users can have telephony, messaging, conferencing, contact center, video, and unified communications.

Scalability and Flexibility

We provide solutions that easily and affordably scale as your communication needs change. With as few as five users, Avaya IP Office easily expands to 3,000 users, at a single site or up to 150 separate locations.

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Five Reasons Business Crave Video Conferencing

Written by Lifesize

For modern and innovative businesses to grow and globalize, building and maintaining quality relationships with partners, suppliers, internal teams, investors and customers is essential. Utilizing a simple, unified video conferencing solution within your organization not only enables you to communicate just like being there in person (minus the travel expenses), but it also enhances the face-to-face communication necessary for productive and authentic collaboration.

Cloud-based video conferencing services make it easy for just about anyone to spin up a trial in their department and get started. But before you do, it’s a good idea to take a moment and get IT involved. Having video conferencing in a tech stack owned and managed by IT can take the service from a department-specific meetings’ feature to a game changer for the organization. Here are the top five reasons why businesses deploy video conferencing and why it’s such a benefit to have IT involved in the decision process.

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Introducing the Newest Members of the Reabah, Inc. Fleet

Employee Highlight of the Month

Dan Parra, Account Executive
Dan Parra has made history. In November 2017 he became the first dedicated account executive for Teceri where he will handle all aspects of the sales functions for the newest division of Reabah, Inc. However, Dan’s not new to the organization. Since July 2012, he has held the position of inside sales representative for Networking Technologies where he handled all maintenance and support renewals for customers.

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Holiday Hours: All of us at Networking Technologies and Teceri wish you and your family a very happy holiday season. To allow our employees to celebrate with their families, our offices will be closed Dec. 25 and 26 and Jan. 1.