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About Teceri

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What Is Teceri?

Teceri is a full-service IP communications provider that also implements physical infrastructure, structured wiring and fiber. As an IP focused communications company, Teceri brings the most modern solutions to address:

The History of Teceri

Teceri was designed and developed in 2014 to provide IP communications services that built on the data infrastructure solutions Networking Technologies provided. In fall 2015, Teceri was formed to fulfill Reabah Inc.’s need of providing a well- rounded communications portfolio to our customers. Under the leadership of Jim Bahm as CEO, and synergy of Reabah’s sales team,  Teceri enhances the customer’s solutions provided by Networking Technologies.

The Partnership Benefit

With the years of experience that Networking Technologies brings in data communications infrastructure solutions, Teceri and Networking Technologies are the perfect match.  Networking Technologies’ experience in network delivery, quality of service, and traffic prioritization enable the modern IP Solutions that Teceri provides.

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